Cherise Brady Photography
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MABONENG - The place to be!

It's my first time shooting in Maboneng. You hear all sorts of nonsense about safety but Fox Street is a wonderful street! I felt safe and totally blown away by the spaces and options of locations to shoot. It was wonderful! Shooting in the afternoon is tricky because of how the light falls but it can be done - I think morning may have been better but I was happy nonethelees. Enter my GORGEOUS client Dr Safeera, and BOOM! Magic was about to happen! She is beauty, brains and kindness in one package xx Thank you also to Salome Odendaal from Pink Hotness who did a sterling job on Hair & Make up. I hope you like the photos as much as I do and I seriously look forward to the next time shooting at Maboneng. Who knows, maybe next time it's you! :) Blessings x